Seven-year-old fatally shot by his eleven-year-old cousin

By Iviwe Makhasi

Acting provincial commissioner Gen Zithulele Moses expressed shock after a seven-year-old boy was shot dead in Libode village.

According to the report, at around 11am yesterday, three siblings were playing in their home when they discovered a gun lying on the bed.

One of the 11-year-old took the gun and unfortunately hit Kwanele Zide in the head.

Unfortunately, the 7-year-old died, and the gun is believed to be their 49-year-old grandfather.  Grandfather has been arrested by police on suspicion of possessing an unlicensed firearm and is expected to appear in Libode Magistrate’s Court soon.

A murder case has been opened and the child who accidentally shot has not been arrested and the owner of the firearm has not been confirmed.

Major Gen Dlala has strongly criticized the reckless use of firearms, especially illegal ones, which has led to the tragedy of the killings including children.

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