Deadly Unintentional Shooting

By Lulutho Skeyi 

Yearly, children are tragically killed under devastating circumstances of a loaded gun and an adult’s attention lapse which then presents prosecutors with a perplexing question: “Who is to blame, and how should that person be punished?” A family’s life is changed forever in such unfortunate incidents. 

Acting Eastern Cape Province Police Commissioner, General Zithulele Moses, conveyed his shock at the alleged accidental shooting of a 7-year-old child in Libode on the 3rd of October 2021. 

According to reports; it is claimed that around twenty minutes before eleven am (10:40); three children of which some are related to each other were playing together at their home at Libode in the Siqikini location. One of these children, who is at the age of 11-years old found a firearm in the house under the bed and started fiddling with the 9mm pistol. The 11-year-old unfortunately fatally shot 7-year-old Kwanele Zide on the head. 

The deadly firearm is alleged to have belonged to late Kwanele’s grandfather. The grieving grandfather has been detained and apprehended on a charge of an illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition. Late Kwanele’s grandfather is expected to appear in the Libode Magistrate’s Court shortly. A case of murder was opened. The 11-year-old minor was not arrested. 

Major-General has granted his condolences to the family in grief. Dladla said that he firmly condemns the carelessness involving the firearm. 

“Everyday a loved one is brutally murdered with a firearm,” said Dladla. He encouraged and pleaded communities to assist the police in restraining the rapid increase of illegal firearms. 

“In so doing, we will be protecting our children and communities, thus people would not be left mourning because of illegal firearms being in circulation,” he added. 

Late Kwanele’s grandfather will now, every day, have to live with what he is responsible for. Every day he is going to wake up and realize more punishment than anyone could ever inflict on him. There should be more focus in preventing the incidents from happening.

The law is meant to punish, deter and hold people accountable, but the real issue should be how to prevent something with a fatal outcome.

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