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By Anesu Angeline Madziro/Ruvimbo Ngwetedza

In order to deal with drug abuse that has destroyed many lives especially young people across the country, president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration last week suggested that the Dangerous Drugs Act should be amended while the National Policy on Drug and Substance Abuse should be revisited. 

At the same time, most organisations and individuals are also concerned with the effects of drug abuse in the communities, they have joined the government by doing campaign awareness programs to save lives.

A creative Gift Chipo Mudzongo from Mashonaland East province decided to fight in the corner of the government to inform the nation through a piece of art project which he is currently working on and said it has an abstract piece of art that gives its audience a short, precise and clear insight on who is taking drugs, their reasons, type of drugs among other things.

“The piece is actually based on a well-researched information including age groups, classes, races, behaviour conducts as well as long term effects. It is targeting all age groups, some young mothers are dosing their children so that they sleep and do not disturb them, school pupils and the elderly in different societies are also being trapped in the web,” he explained to NTU News Zimbabwe.

Mudzongo said he was motivated by the unfortunate lives of some people whom he thought were role models not only to him but as well to the communities.

“My inspiration on the drug art novel was derived from disappointments that l got from the people that I know who have not just brilliant but potential dreams and vast untapped raw talent being thrown down the drain in the guise of (zviriko) accepting what is not normal to being the norms of the day.”

He added that “other major reasons for educating the communities through this art are my willing to help others to abstain from drugs as well as to make an awareness to everyone including adults, parents, youths, those in it and those who might fall in the trap.”

The 34-year-old combination of recycled material said drug abuse affects the whole nation one way or the other and he is planning to ensure that the awareness message in the novel shall be accompanied by some pamphlets. “Directly or indirectly drug abuse affects everyone even a president of a country is affected dearly for drug crippled societies, and as a society in order to curb hooliganism and the breeding of thieves we need to disseminate information using different platforms.”

However, he outlined some of the challenges that he is facing on the project including lack of conducive working place, he is hiring the required resources to carry out the project as well as safe storage place.

Mudzongo said “I have to hire equipment, borrow or improvise and I have no safe storage space, imagine drug novel is composed of active drugs so at times when I have visitors, some take the drugs off the piece. It is a huge draw back, I even fear for this and other coming projects on GBV, child marriages and importance of education.”

Gift Chipo Mudzongo has another art piece project which is a dedication to all mothers who did not abort pregnancies. He saluted NTU News Zimbabwe for giving him a platform through this interview to send the message to the communities hoping that it will reach the targeted audiences, he said the artwork awareness is going to leave it’s foot prints in the streets and schools where it is all happening and is hoping to attract other players in the fight against drug abuse.

 The project is expected to be completed by end of this coming week and to be officially launched October on the date to be announced in consultation with other interested parties such as the government and NGOs.

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