Nomkitha Zokufa a shining example of Compassion and Care for those in need

By Monique Lewis

Ms Nomkhitha Zokufa also known as Mizzie from Gonubie, East London is a passionate exponent of women empowerment and community development. She is a gender specialist in the employment of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Eastern Cape Province.  She advocates for the meaningful participation and inclusion of women in the country’s economy.

Zokufa is a true liberal feminist who advocates for social, political, economic and intellectual equality for women and men.  She also fights for the rights of children and people with disabilities. She said, “I don’t like seeing a black child going to school without basic necessities.” 

Mizzie, against all odds took it upon herself to make sure that primary school learners from unprivileged homes in the rural areas of Eastern Cape have shoes and school uniform. She is very dedicated to her work especially during stricter lockdown levels, she dedicated her life sourcing donations in the form of food parcels to mention a few, Nomkhitha made sure that vulnerable members of the community do not go to bed on an empty stomach, as many had lost their jobs due to Covid-19 pandemic outbreak.

She is a woman of distinction and executes qualities of great leadership, analytic and communication skills.

Her story is not only remarkable, but truly inspirational as a loving and caring mother, despite hectic schedule notwithstanding, she finds time for her family which means the world to her, a prayer warrior and a true ambassador of the gospel and a motivational speaker amongst other things. 

The fire that took place in the Mzamomhle informal settlement in East London earlier in September, the Shoprite Eastern Cape Division donated more than 100 food parcels to bring relief to affected families. The food parcels contain mealie meal, sugar, cooking oil, cake flour, baked beans, tea, and other essentials.

Amongst other things she has helped with child abuse, Zokufa helped a fire-ravaged in East London communities just to name a few.

Nomkhitha Zokufa said, “We would like to thank Shoprite for their generous donation of food parcels and for looking after our community.”

Lunga Schoeman, CSI Shoprite manager commented, “Shoprite will always avail its resources to help when disaster strikes, especially in the communities we serve.”

Mizzie is also an owner of Mizzio Event management & co, they offer many services such as Woman empowerment services, Private events, Mistress of ceremonies and any more. For bookings contact Mizzio at 079 014 0419.

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2 thoughts on “Nomkitha Zokufa a shining example of Compassion and Care for those in need

  • October 1, 2021 at 8:17 am

    Truly inspirational and it is so amazing that we still have such individuals in our Society.

  • October 1, 2021 at 9:20 am

    Well and clearly articulated. Many societies need people who advocate for empowerment.


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