Graduate opens own web development business due to lack of jobs

By Silindokuhle Booi

The born and bred Eastern Cape Nelson Mandela University graduate Samkelisiwe Makwabe is now a founder and CEO of Kwabs Technologies.

The company is based in East London, and it is a web development company that is accompanied by other Information Technology related services. The web development is about designing websites and producing applications that are used by people and companies on a daily basis.

“I started the company mainly because there was less employment opportunities due to the pandemic we’re in; being a graduate with the set of skills I have acquired throughout my working years and being a single mother didn’t help because I had to make means to an end as I had just lost my mother to the pandemic who was my support structure, now I had to view the world differently. and last with the encouragement of close friends and family seeing the potential that I can start and finish a project starting my own company would be the best option, becoming an entrepreneur was one of the best options or solutions to my situation,” said Makwabe.

This initiative is being supported by many people including close friends and family. “I was getting offers and being approached by close friends who have started to build their own brands, they saw the need to have a web footprint meaning if you’re looking to see what the brand or company does having a web site that people can view your services on is a benefit for a small growing company”, she added.

The company can be reached on ‪+27 60 950 8942‬‪+27 73 911 7663‬ or visit for more information.

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