By Nyasha Nhau 

Zimbabwean Critical Care Nurse practitioner in the United Kingdom Barbra Nyagomo Chakabva urged fellow countrymen and women who are in the health sector particularly nurses, to take advantage and utilise the opportunities offered to them by other countries.

In a press released through Zimbabwe diaspora desk, Chakabva said “I am telling you about the nursing job which I really know, I have been a nurse all my life. Nursing is a highly potential profession that has greater importance not only in Zimbabwe or Africa but also across the world. Upon satisfying the educational qualification and clearing licensure examination of the respective country, you are eligible to practice nursing abroad or globally.”

While she warned of possible scammers, Chakabva who trained as a nurse in Zimbabwe and moved to UK in 1996 to search for greener pastures, assured those who might be interested that there are a lot of genuine agencies who can assist in securing jobs and the required travelling documents.

“Many recruitment agencies will secure the job and accommodation for you, assist you to get the visa, work permit is easy as there is shortage of nurses globally while some will pay for your air ticket and relocation fees,” reads the statement.

However, the UK based Intensive Care Unit and Accident & Emergency Department health practitioner Barbra Nyagomo Chakabva recognised the NGO importance to the country but encouraged Zimbabweans to research and read as well as to harness the diasporans contribution or human capital that they have.

The press release further reads “Zimbabwe receives US$2 billion per year from diasporans remittance, this is more than what all NGOs collectively contributes per year to Zimbabwe.

“If you are failing to get a place to study nursing in Zimbabwe try private nursing colleges/universities in across Africa like Zambia, Namibia, South Africa, Kenya and Uganda.

“Recently there has been a large intake of students nurses from Zimbabwe in Poland,” added Chakabva who has since relocated to Zimbabwe but is working in UK for not more than six months per year.

Meanwhile according to the recent World Bank report, India gets remittance of US$83 Billion per year from diasporans as the biggest exporter of nurses in Philippines get US$30 billion a per year from their Nurses working in diaspora.

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