By Phila Audrey Tuba

Asanele Qomfo who was a pupil at Amasango Primary School in Makhanda drowned on September 25 after he fell into a giant unguarded water filled open trench in Xolani informal settlement, that had been dug by the Municipality.

The Makana Citizen’s Front’s initial investigation had gathered that during the trench digging, a water pipe was damaged which flooded the trench turning it into a swimming pool of over 1.6 metres deep.

Municipality in Makhanda knew about the trench that had flooded and failed to send the honeysucker vehicle to suck the water out. They also failed to post security guards at the trench, instead the Makana Municipality neglected the deep pool that had formed which cost a young man to lose his life.

The founder and principal of the Amasango School from ‪1995-2013‬ and Makana Citizen’s Front councillor candidate Jane Bradshaw stated that “this is an absolute tragedy and devastating for the school”.

Makana Citizens Front decide to work with the Qomfo family to enlist attorneys to sue both the Makana Municipality and the contractors. The community has said that the contractor has dug quite a few giant trenches across the municipality.

The municipality got to the scene two days after the tragedy had occurred, they had placed a thin net around the pool and posted a security guard there.

“ This is just not an ordinary tragedy; it is a deliberate and planned murder by this municipality because the municipality is ran by political mercenaries and black lives do not matter. It is a shame that this municipality has destroyed the innocent life of a 13-year-old in this manner”, said interim convenor of the MCF Lungile Mxube.

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