Evicted Motherwell families appear in Magistrates court

By Sesona Mqheliswa

This occurred after over 50 families were evicted from homes they had purchased privately many years ago and had long paid for. The court’s verdict states that they should vacate their homes in November 2021.

The two families who appeared in court today said they will appeal the decision of the magistrate court because they have proof that shows that they purchased those houses through the bank many years ago.

According to Mkhululi Heka, one of the evicted family member said a company called house solutions came to possess their home in 2017 holding title deeds of the house soon after the person who sold them their home committed suicide before handing them their title deed. Mkhululi claims that in 2017 they were summoned by Sheriff of the court to evict their homes because the house was sold to other people.

“My parents refused to evict their house because they had proof that they bought the house through the bank even though they had no title deed. After the company tried evicting us from our home my father went missing from then till today, we do not know what happened to him and my mother passed away last year leaving us with this house”, said Mkhululi.

Another family that appeared in court today, Sivuyile Sizani said their parents bought the house through the bank but however the house was not paid in full amount and the bank sold it to someone else.

“We have papers showing proof that the house was bought through the bank and we also have papers showing us that the house was not paid in full amount but when we approach the bank they told us that the system deletes that kind of information after 5 years”, said Sizani

In most cases the people who bought these houses have died leaving behind their children who are now being evicted unjustly and most of these children are still young.

The Magistrate court today gave these residents two months to evict those houses or provide their title deeds.

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