UK based Mwari Makatendeka hitmaker set to release two prayer singles for Zimbabwe

By Nyasha Nhau

Zimbabwean economy has been struggling to perform well for the past 2 (two) decades, while cholera and cyclones have made the situation to even get worse and difficult for the ordinary citizens to bring food on the table among other factors before the world was striken by covid-19 global pandemic, with Zimbabwe recorded 128 186 confirmed cases and 4 569 deaths from 3 january 2020 to 23 september 2021.

Considering that Zimbabwe is a Christian nation, UK based Varaidzo Mutungwazi Mhoka has answered God’s call to minister the word through music, after a setback since 2012 due to different challenges that she has encountered in music.

She came back this year with a bang, working on two singles which she said are a relief prayer for Zimbabwe after the SADC nation having faced a lot of challenges which mainly affected general populace.

“I am working on single tracks Mwari Burukai Murape nyika yedu (ye Zimbabwe) and Our Saviour.

“Mwari Burukai Murape nyika yedu is actually a prayer of healing to the problems that our country is and has been going through until most people could not afford to have descent meal.

“While Our Saviour carries a message that seeks to remind people of Zimbabwe that only Jesus Is our messiah hence the soulution to whatever situations that we are in,” emphasized Mwari Makatendeka hit maker.

Before she gave up on music in 2012 due to challenges that she faced in the music industry including financial constraints, discouragements and looked down upon by some people, Mutungwazi said God insisted that she should keep on preaching His word, hence the release of Mwari Makatendeka song and video which is now available on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon music, VidMate and other digital platforms, as well as the current prayer for Zimbabwe which is still being perfected in the studio.

On Sunday 19 September this year, two weeks after the gospel songbird released Mwari Makatendeka in collaboration with Timothy Ngwenya, the song took members of Fire Faith Worship Ministry into the spiritual realm during the 41st birthday celebrations of the church founder Bishop Gladys Muto popularly known as Prophetess G Muto, with the message carried in the song.

“The singer is just talented, her voice is so amazing and the lyrics of the song are very powerful that they touches the souls of listeners and bring them closer to The Holly Spirit,” commented Prophetess G Muto on the sidelines of the event, to a song produced by Mozy Solid Grace which has a video currently having more than five thousand (5000) views on YouTube.

Born and buttered in Masvingo province Zaka, Mutungwazi so far has two albums in her journey of gospel music entitled Messiah and Great to me with 8 songs each both produced by Agripah Njanina.

In her message to the people of Zimbabwe regarding covid-19 global pandemic, Varaidzo Mhoka Mutungwazi said considering that Zimbabwe is a Christian nation, people should have faith in God the Creator who knows the roots causes of not only covid-19 but all the problems and their solutions.

“We do not know where covid-19 came from, let us only look up to Him the savior.

“We have doctors and nurses but without God’s intervention we will not get out of this situation, He provides with wisdom to the medical professionals,” she added.

As she was concluding the interview with NTU News Zimbabwe, she also said some words of prayer for God to heal the land of Zimbabwe through His mercies.

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