The Elderly relocate from the Eastern Cape in Fear OF Witchcraft Accusations

By Zintle Tsheme

Older people fear for their lives in the Eastern Cape, as they relocate away from their houses for their safety.

This comes after the high number of accusations of witchcraft. Unfortunately, the accusations do not just end at being accusations, but people go as far as acting on them, by brutally punishing the accused, to the extent of killing them.

According to Lumka Oliphant, who is the spokesperson of the Department of Social Development, there has been a number of startling claims during the dialogues with the community of Cacadu in the Eastern Cape. These conversations served as a platform to educate people of old age sicknesses which change people.  Sicknesses like Alzheimer and Dementia, which cause loss of cognitive functioning, memory, reasoning and behavioural abilities which destruct daily living, just to name a few.

This dialogue paves the way for World Alzheimer’s day on September 21, where all these old sicknesses are recognised. They have also led to the realization of approximately 45 people who have decided to relocate, to move with others for their safety, some sleeping in groups.

The Eastern Cape is not the only Province facing these issues. And a large number of people are judged based on their skin tone, their behaviour and way of living and speaking.  These issues need to be acknowledged and spoken of, to eliminate and end the brutal murders of elderly people in our country.

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