Nandi Masuku: Family nurtured me, society judge’s female models

By Anesu Angeline Madziro and Ruvimbo Ngwetedza

A child is born and raised in a family, then released to go into the community, this means that we need a family to build a community so as to build the nation.

Most of the time families play a pivotal role in upbringing their children to become who they maybe in life.

This is witnessed in this case of a Bulawayo based model Nandi Masuku who credited who she is today to the way she was brought by her family.

“I am confident enough to say that my family back ground natured and motivated me to become what I am today.

“l was brought up in an environment where I was taught to work hard, love and share the little l have and be a goal getter,” Masuku explained.

Professionally groomed by VIP Modeling Agency in 2019 she has managed to gain a lot of confidence and experience which leads to the opening of more avenues in her career. She said “my confidence has boosted and better my skills as a result doors are opening.

“I am meeting and working with amazing artists, recently I featured a musical video with one of our own Bulawayo aspiring artist Luminous,” she added.

Talking about the challenges faced by models and herself as a young person still growing in the industry, photography model Masuku said the society always portrays female models as prostitutes therefore it is very rare for a society to appreciate modeling as a career, while at the same time they struggle to boost their self-confidence.

“One of the challenges that I encountered in this industry is suffering depression, as models we are very insecure about our appearances because we always want look out best.

“We ask ourselves questions like am I slim enough or is my skin smooth enough or is my hair shiner among other things.

“Also payment is a problem sometimes and l have discovered that quiet a number of men always take advantage of this over female models,” she explained to NTU News Zimbabwe.

Like any other people in their different fields of life, covid-19 restrictions affected her career. “At times l do gigs at the end of the day l earn nothing from them, clients also blame it on the economic hardships in our country as well as covid-19 effects.”

She also said the current economic challenges does not hinder her future plans in the industry. Mandi Masuku told this publication that “I am currently working on perfecting my runway, the dream is to make a name for myself and my country to become Lipitor Nyongo and Naomi Campbell of Zimbabwe if God permits.”

Being fifth (5th) in a religious family of six (6) Nandi Masuku grew up in Nkulumane Bulawayo, started modelling when she was in primary school at the same time she was a scout also she speaks four (4) languages which are Ndebele, English, Shona and a bit of French.

She advised other young people who are planning to venture into modeling not to look at their backgrounds but to put effort in the work that they do with the support of confidence so as to be successful.

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