Marriage a plant that need culture

By Tinashe W Muberekwa

On 11 September the Seventh Day Adventist Church hosted its usual online youth discussions on I Got Married (IGM) platform under the theme Marriage a plant that needs culture, and the outcome was that 80% of relationships that involves parents yields into a fully supported marriage while the remaining 20% results in negative factors.

As many young people usually take lightly this subject, IGM program guest speakers tried to highlight the linkage between marriage and culture. One of the speakers Tafadzwa Chirimuta said, “Marriage like any other relationships needs to be nurtured well, this involves knowing well the cultures of both families and the involvement of parents during all processes to ensure that everything goes smooth.” 

The online talkshow presenter Uncle Tinah weighed in stating the importance of involving parents during courtship by sharing his experiences on how he overcame some of the challenges with the support of families which was a key in shaping his blessed and successful relationship into a marriage.

Responding to one of the questions the President of Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) SDA Alumni Melusi Mutewedzi said marriage is a like a plant considering that it starts small and grows as it is being taken care of.

“Love needs to be cultivated and cultured, the how part is very important.

“God being the author of marriage has all the notes and practical’s we need to succeed,” Mutewedzi said.

He added that there is a Ndebele saying goes say “indlela ibuzwa kwabaphambili, meaning when you need to know more about things ahead do not consult those who have been there before.

“Our parents have conquered most battles in their marriages so we need their guidance.”

The Talk show was centered on Ellen G White’s book of letters and messages to young people including those in love as well as the Adventist home among other topics.

White indicated that children should confide with their parents sharing with them their joys and sorrows to save themselves from many future heartache, while at the same time God fearing parents always gives a positive guidance support and Christian youths will be blessed with the love of their God-fearing parents because our culture supports that a relationship should be known by families to allow counseling.

Another presenter George Chipunza emphasized that family cultures are a key in relationships since parents would be involved in the development. He talked about how his father Herbert Tswatswa’s explanation of marriage stage referred to as kutamba chiroora pamusha was a key to his journey of life. 

“My father said this stage is vital since it’s a time when the bride is welcomed into a family with parents’ blessings and the union is prayed for.”

Through IGM program parents are encouraged to remain focused in advising youths for a successful life centered on Jesus Christ.

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