Former Police Officer Testifies In Court

By Viwe Madyibi

Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu who is accused of killing 6 of her family members including her boyfriend to claim money on insurance and funeral policies that she had taken out in their name.

The former police officer was arrested on the day she had allegedly hired a hitman [undercover police officer] to kill her sister and her five children by setting the house on fire, to make it seem as an incident that occurred.

The undercover police officer, who had acted as a hitman, had turned to the police and notifying them about what Nomia had planned to do to her family members.

The police then set sting operation to catch Nomia’s malicious act on camera.

In the video, it is to be seen that she shows them the sisters house in Bushbuckridge and gives clear instructions of how things should be done, she also says that no weapons must be used because that would cause suspicions and it would give her problems to when it comes to claims of the insurance policies. She also states that she’ll pay the hitmen once the insurance policies had paid out.

Nomia has already received R1.5 million from the life policies and funeral policies that she taken out on the other 6 family members she had killed.

Ndlovu made appearance in the Palm Ridge High Court, on September 14.

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