Government, private sector told to avoid employment discrimination

By Pavel Mwaoseni

Zimbabwe founded regional organization told the government and other employers to lead by example in fighting employment discrimination on people with disabilities.

“Zimbabwe government and all other companies should migrate from employment discriminations on persons with disabilities (PWDs) whenever opportunities arises,” wrote Smile Action International (SAI) in a statement seen by NTU News Zimbabwe signed by its operations director Tatenda Mamina.

The statement further stated that there is a lot of stigmatism in discrimination tendencies as a result of more PWDs becoming charity cases in their communities.

“Most of them end up resorting to begging if they cannot secure jobs or capital to be self-reliant.

“Government needs to speed up its employment opportunity policy and should state a minimum reasonable percentage of employment opportunity for PWDs in all its departments as well as in private companies so that they (PWDs) secure employment in formal sectors.”

The organization also said it’s high time the government of Zimbabwe should not only talk but as well implement disability policies to ensure that the constituency fully benefits from its national programs same as women and youths.

SAI also advised donors to come up with empowerment programs apart from food aid.

“We appreciate what donors and other stakeholders are doing during this difficult time where the nation is not only facing economic hardships but as well the effects of covid-19 global pandemic.

“And we are appealing to them to also look not only in urban areas but as well channel their support in peri urban and rural community where people with disabilities are affected the most.

“Donors should mainly support with self-reliance projects to PWDs rather than food aid only, give them projects to earn a living even in your absence not rice to eat today then go back into the streets tomorrow.

“They need dams to fish and fish nets not just fish, for the purposes of doing away with charity cases growth on them,” reads the statement.

Smile Action International was founded with the aim of empowering and promote the recognition of women, youths, persons with disabilities and other marginalized groups in Zimbabwe and beyond.

It was founded by Tatenda Mamina and registered in 2019 with structures in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Mozambique.

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