Digital Vaccine Certificates to Be Introduced

By Zintle Tsheme

The Minister of Health, Joe Paahla said South African’s who get vaccinated for Covid19 will probably be issued digital vaccination certificates in a weeks’ time.

He said the digital vaccination certificates were created with fraud protection and will be aligned with international standards.  This means certificates will be easily accessible in phones and you can print them out if you choose to.

This development allows you to easily carry your vaccination certificates everywhere and you can easily access them, should they be required. The digital vaccination certificates will be used the same way as paper based certificates, that means it will still consist of the information required by health care providers, information like your vaccine status, the subsequent dose etc.

Such developments will put South Africa at the top like all the other advance countries in terms of managing and knowing how many people have taken the vaccine. Proving yet again that technology is an advantage for everyone.

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