Caring Duncan Village Women Mothers 14 Children

By Sesona Mqheliswa 

Unemployed Zandile Mtungatha took 14 children from the streets into her care in Duncan Village. The 46 years old woman opened her home to underprivileged children with the hope of helping, protecting and providing for them with a home full of love and warmth.

She has a total number of 14 children under her care and they are all living in a two roomed house in Duncan Village. Mtungatha stated that they have to press in that two roomed house.

She added that they sometimes run out of the basic needs from time to time but the only thing that keeps her going is seeing the faces of those hopeless children looking up to her.

“Me helping the kids, I am trying to protect them from wrong people because I was a victim of rape at a young age of 9 and I never had anyone to protect me from such people”, said Mtungatha.

Mtungatha not only is taking care of the 14 children but she’s also taking care of all those around her, she opened a soup kitchen in 2015 to help fight against hunger amongst children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Duncan Village. The soup kitchen came to exist with the help of some leftover food from the school’s feeding scheme where Mtungatha was working at that time.

After losing her job at the school she had no income to continue with the soup kitchen and an organisation called Helping those in Need helped her to continue with her soup kitchen, and today more than 100 people benefit from the kitchen.

Mtungatha stated that growing up in a community that has nothing made her pursue all the work she is doing because it is out of her love for the children.

She added that she also does bible studies to instill good morals in the children.

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