The King Zwelonke Legacy Project brings opportunities to rural communities

By Uyanda Mjanyelwa

The King Zwelonke Legacy Project was established in 2018 by the late King Mpendulo Zwelonke Sigcawu is still going strong. The legacy is said to be projected together with the “King Zwelonke Golf Day,” which was established and is mandated to assist and empower both the young and old people of disadvantaged communities in the Eastern Cape. The King Zwelonke Golf Day was established by the late Freddie MaXhoseni Dingani together with the late King Zwelonke Sigcawu which was organised by MBV Group, Nolubabalo Babsi Mcinga and Nandi Mtsokoba.

“King Zwelonke and my late uncle Freddie MaXhoseni Dingani shared a very close brotherhood,” said Anele Ngowaphi, organisor of the 2021 Golf Day. He added that the late King Zwelonke Sigcawu was a very passionate person and he loved his people. The project consists of programmes that are to benefit the Xhosa nation and the people who are within the Kingdom. “The project itself has no monetary benefit but we definitely get satisfaction when we see our efforts propel change and empowerment where help is needed,” said Ngowaphi.

The programmes under the legacy project are currently funded by the family and by the friends of the late King as well as strategic partners of private businesses who believe and support the goal of the project.

“I think there are a number of programmes and platforms being done in the Province but I just think what makes us different is that we have a deliberate and intentional focus on bringing different opportunities in the rural areas,” said Ngowaphi.

“These opportunities that we offer are to equip our people with the necessary skills so that they can be able to take place in the job market or open that small business that can create employment in the rural areas as we are finding too many households in our village that are dependent on social grants yet they are desperate to work,” said Ngowaphi.

The King Zwelonke Golf Day will be hosted at the Mthatha Golf Course on Saturday, September 4.

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