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By Lulutho Skeyi

Bulelani Declock was born on March 9, 1981 in Umtata in the Eastern Cape. The God fearing and humble Pastor is known to many as Pastor Dee. Pastor Dee is an ambitious and goal driven motivational speaker and pastor. He has been married for 17 years with two girls; with the older one being 16-years-old and the other is a 13-year-old. He describes himself as a humble, calm, collected, driven, God fearing and family orientated man.

Pastor Dee grew up in a rural area and had a rural background that was not so mouth watering managed to pass his grade 12 in 1999 (which was referred to as Standard 10 in those years). The conscientious pastor then further studied at UNISA where he is currently studying Theology to strive for a living. A passion for people and public speaking is something that Pastor Dee is renowned for. He is a pastor at the Ethiopian Holy Baptist in Zion Church know as Izikhova Ezimnqini; leading a branch at Duncan Village in East London.

Pastor Dee’s drive behind public and motivational speaking was stimulated by perceiving the society that he lives in where the youth encounters difficulties such as emotional challenges and having no one to reach out to. He reaches out to people; with the purpose of empowering and reviving those who have lost hope in God. Pastor Dee was given an astounding opportunity to expand his audience when he joined Kumkani FM. Radio has the widest audience footprint as it reaches millions who have no access to the Internet so radio became Pastor Dee’s best platform to execute his purpose of educating and empowering.

Pastor Dee was introduced to presenting at Kumkani FM through an advertisement that posted a vacancy for radio presenting and that is when Pastor Dee applied and received a phone call where he was invited to go for training at Kumkani FM. He was trained by Kumkani FM chairperson Unathi Dyubula.

“During the three week training I was given a religious talk show called Ingxoxo Ngokholo, after doing well on that show I approached management and presented another show which was a Christian show called Yizani Sakhe, and that is a show that I am currently doing” he stated. Yizani Sakhe simply translates to “come let us build” and that title motivates Pastor Dee’s aim of empowering and educating further.

The Christian show that Pastor Dee hosts focuses on a variety of issues which could destroy the church which he refers to as “the body of Christ” and issues relating to the youth. Traditional Gospel, Clap and tap is the type of music that is mostly played on Yizani Sakhe. Pastor Dee has been in radio for three years.

The pastor mentions that the church had trained him for public speaking. His devoted Christian lifestyle was introduced to him by his parents who were spiritually orientated so they taught him about the Christian life.

The Ethiopian Holy Baptist in Zion pastor revealed to us that watching series/movies, traveling and singing are things he enjoys doing in his spare time.

His greatest personal life achievements include owning a non-profit organization called The Messengers where he gave back to the community by providing a feeding scheme! He has also managed a Gospel group that is now on the brink of successfully finishing recording an album.

Pastor mentions that positive feedback from his loyal listeners and his family motivates him to continue doing what he does. “The society, environment and the time we live in gives me the push and the courage to wake up everyday and strive to change people’s lives. I have always said that this is a limited time we are given in this world so make every minute count because you do not know when you will die” he stated.

He also mentions that he overcame hardships through God and consistent prayer. His greatest turning point in life has been doing radio and public speaking which are elements that he says he believes he was destined for.

On days when the gracious pastor is having an emotionally draining day for public speaking; he mentions that he prays and seeks for God’s intervention to give him strength to press on. He also mentions that it is important to refill oneself by going to someone who is ones mentor or prayer partner.

During the interview, when asked to do a little motivational speaking relating to all issues faced by South Africa especially the Eastern Cape in these unprecedented times; he spoke as follows: “Life is a journey that has a destination that one has to take whether you like it or not.

Unfortunately; in that journey there are a lot of things that you are going to face; good and bad. Do not be distracted by what is happening on the journey, always focus on your destination as your things are on that destination so make sure you arrive. It might take time but you will arrive.”

As an accomplished broadcaster, Pastor Dee would like to grow his craft by learning more about the dynamics of being a broadcaster. He hopes in the near future to be able to gain new skill sets that are applicable to radio, motivational speaking and also being able to manage a team and new parts of the radio station. He is currently enrolling a course in broadcasting. One can catch his radio Christian shows Ingxoxo Ngokholo religious talk show every Thursday 21:00 to 23:00, Yizani Sakhe Zion Show every  Friday 21:00 to 23:00 and the Glory Gospel Show every Sunday from 15:00 to 18:00.

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