Arts impact Bulawayo as organization register concerns & empower youths

By Ruvimbo Ngwetedza

Registered in 2020 Yellow World was formed in 2018 with the aim of supporting and empowering upcoming artists so that they contribute to the community development using their talents as well as telling people that music is one of the answers for the world today.

The 19-year-old founder from the city of kings and queens Bulawayo city Pride Jolie popularly known as Mentor is also a musician said, “being a musician has been my dream since childhood and it is helping me to tell stories from my community.

“Arts can help people to embrace different cultures and relate to their situations while we use it to advocate for better communities, equal sharing of resources and respect of human rights.”

According to him another main reason of forming the organization is to encourage young people to actively participate in decision-makings as well as to engage artists from less resourceful communities. “We are here to create opportunities for them considering that it can be difficult to make a living through art in Zimbabwe as compared to other countries such as our neighbouring South Africa where artists get support from the government.

“We urge our members to take part in decision making processes so that they contribute to issues pertaining them, for example soon after our organization registration we became a member of the Zimbabwe Youth Council and National Arts Council we make our voices heard through arts.”

Telling NTU News Zimbabwe what motivated the birth of Yellow World Jolie said he could not get support to expose his talent to the outside world.

“I realized that I could not get any assistance to pursue my career so I started doing partnerships projects using my creativity to come up with ideas for festivals and events.

“I am still into music industry despite founding an organization but focusing more on mentoring my fellow young artists who encounter the same challenges that l faced and help them to establish, this is why l am called Mentor,” he explained.

Yellow World has so far established partnerships with multiple institutions and organisations such as the Ministry of Youth, House of Arts Association, Bulawayo City Council, Intwasa Arts Festival, Junior Achievement Zimbabwe, Magamba Network and Dreamtown since its formation.

“As we have grown, we experience that almost every institution is willing to support and partner with us through seeing the power in the themes that we address as a result there is now acknowledgement of art entrepreneurship, youth employment as well as community development through art,” added Jolie.

The organization accommodates youths of all backgrounds including those living in the streets and is planning to create an environment where young people can get total support to realize their full potential.

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