Reaction to Nosicelo Mtembeni’s murder suspect who rejects bail

By Sesona Mqheliswa

Alutha Pasile, a 25-year-old murder suspect, appeared in court on August 23 in East London. He is accused of killing and dismembering his lover Nosicelo Mtembeni, a final-year LLB student at the University of Fort Hare.

Pasile dropped his bail application at his court appearance. Anelisa Ngcakani, a spokesperson for the National Prosecution Authority in the Eastern Cape Province, stated that the NPA would oppose the case nonetheless because the murder was premeditated.

“We were going to oppose bail because it seems that the murder was premeditated from his confession and also the allegations of his life if he is release”, said Ngcakani

The Dr Rubusana Region Women’s League, led by Princess Faku, expressed delight that the accused has decided not to seek bail.

“As the women’s league we appreciate that at least he’s admitting that he has done something wrong, we appreciate the stand that he took today”, said Faku.

Faku went on to say that as women, they are frightened of being killed every day and that there is no change and that they want males to stand up to GBV. She has called on all women’s leagues, non-governmental organizations, religious leaders, and community members to band together and fight domestic violence.

The accused has been remanded in custody and will return to court on September 28 where he will be represented by a legal representative.

Soundclip 1: Women’s league comments on Gender Based Violence.

Soundclip 2: NPA comments that they would have opposed bail as the murder was premeditated.

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