“Our health is in danger” is motto live believe in by the Abels family

By Iviwe Makhasi

The Abels family reside in Pefferville East London in an unsanitary area for almost a year now.

The Abels family said they are unhappy with the issue of sewerage coming to their houses.

“Our whole flat is affected by this, and the drain overflow”, said Cassandra Abels.

“The sewerage comes out forcible even in our houses and we can’t use the toilets to relieve ourselves”, she added.

They also said that they have kids, and their kids can’t even play in the yard due to the sewerage that overflows.

They have reported the issue to counsellors, but they haven’t received any help even though they saw their condition.

Cassandra said that the municipality came and nothing helped them with their living condition at all.

The family complained that they are going to clinic every week because their children are falling sick every time.

The family seeks help because this issue is becoming a problem to their health.

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