Buffalo City residents continue to have issues with smart meter boxes

By Sesona Mqheliswa

Residents in Amalinda have expressed their dissatisfaction with the newly installed smart meter boxes. These residents complain that the newly installed boxes consume too much energy, and that they are now paying more as a result.

Residents complain that these boxes are difficult to use because they rely on batteries and chargers. “The problem I’ve had with these smart meter boxes is that I have to charge them before I can use them, which is a problem when I don’t have access to electricity and have to rely on neighbours to charge them”, said Zimkhitha Nyathela.

Other residents have complained about the noise and damage these boxes cause when the power goes out.

The Buffalo City Municipality warned the public in July against opposing the installation of smart meter boxes in Mdantsane, noting that the new boxes are being erected to monitor power usage and prevent billing problems.

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