Upcoming artist Clever D educates couples & releases new video

By Nyasha Nhau

A promising Kadoma Afro Pop musician Clever Kadanga popularly known as Clever D has released second video off his single track Zvawati Unondida (you said you love me) featuring Gary Tight during covid-19 lockdown imposed by the government to curb the spread of the global pandemic virus.

“It is actually a video from my love single track together with Gary Tight carrying a message of reminding people to honor their promises in love especially this time when many relationships are breaking because of unemployment circumstances as most organizations and companies have decided to offload some of their staff members due to economic challenges brought by covid-19” said Clever D.

Clever D added “There is no need to blame your partner for the current situation that we are in, people should endure because this is a passing phase things shall get back to normal,” “Some of the unnecessary pressure that we give our partners will end up leading them to take suicidal decisions some would result in deaths and jail punishment.”

The Afro Pop musician is also a Jazz artiste discovered his talent at a tender age before released his first song in 2018. “I discovered my passion when l was a teenager and l used to participate at school choir as well as in church.”

“I only have singles, expecting an album soon, 2018 l recorded my first song Taura neni (speak to me) and l was motivated in the music journey by my family and friends,” added Kadanga.

With four collaborations all 2021 productions Zvawati unondida feat Gary tight, Zvichanaka (all shall be well) feat Da Kid Vurse, Handikwanise usipo (I can’t without you) feat Shayne (the three recorded by Allied Kings) and Rudo feat l Mathie recorded by Leo Ultrasonic, he encouraged fellow upcoming musicians to remain focused and have the strength.

“Those who are starting this journey of music, do not hesitate to show your gift despite negative comments it is part of growing in the industry, by doing so you will go far. Accepting both negative and positive comments is keeping me moving, I have 11 singles including Ndakakuda Kare, Ndiwe wega and Dzora Moyo has a video,” said Kadanga.

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