Four disabled children get aid; community appeals for sustainable solution

By Ruvimbo Ngwetedza

AFTER A Mutekede family from Masvingo Province with four children with disabilities had received cash and kind relief aid including covid-19 PPEs from well wishers, the community thanked those who supported and is appealing for more help inform of self sufficient projects.

Speaking to NTU news Zimbabwe, Purazeni Jakata spokesperson of Masvingo Disability Forum who is also the president of Disability Amalgamation Trust said, “on behalf of Mutekede family l want to thank everyone who stretched their hands to assist with cash and ecocash (money transfer), food, clothes, blankets and other household property, you helped them to live a dignified life as well as realizing that they are human beings just like others despite having four children with disabilities.

“Some amplified this plight and there was an equal positive response from the entire Zimbabwean community including disability representative in the upper house Senator Watson Khupe, Honorable Killer Zivhu, Morgenster Mission Staff and Nasper Manyau the CEO of ARRET Foundation Trust among others.

“We are also appealing as a community  to well wishers to help with an up kit to run a business, with a solar powered borehole probably the family can grow cash crops to survive.”

Jakata also spoke to the head of Ratidzo Zimcare Trust to help capacitate members of the family, “I asked mrs  Runesu to help them with some skills she is willing to accomodate and help them acquire basic life skiĺls including bathing, washing their own cloths and cleaning their environment among other things.”

Mutekede family is in Village 15 Mukosi-Gunikuni area. The four children are Sakina (36), Ngonidzashe (33), Locadia (31), the three girls need reusable sanitary pads and their brother Edwin (23).

While all four children did not have the opportunity to learn life skills, Edwin another serious problem that he forget what he does including locating home and they resort to a solution of tying him on a tree at home when the mother is going to the field, while the other challenge is that they only have three round house structures.

“All my children can not do anything because we could not afford to send them to school or vocational training to receive any form of training due to poverty.

“We are also appealing to well wishers to help with support to build a proper structure and fence around the stand here,” said Shiela Mwahela the mother of four.

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