Defective Tiger Brand’s cans recalle

The National Consumer Commission (NCC) has called on consumers to return defective KOO and Hugo’s canned foods to any retail store.

In a statement on Monday, NCC Commissioner Thezi Mabuzac said the commission has been made aware of a recall of certain products by Tiger Brand.

“We urge consumers who have these products in their possession to verify the barcodes as well as manufacturing dates. If they form part of the recall, they should immediately return these products to any retail store for a full refund with or without any receipt,” Mabuza said.

The canned vegetables that are affected by the recall were produced from 1 May 2019 to 5 May 2021.

According to Tiger Brands, the recall is because of a side seam weld defect that may cause a leak.

In terms of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), consumers have a right to fair value, good quality and safety.

“While the commission is pleased with Tiger Brands’ investigation into this problem and the precautionary recall, consumer safety comes first, therefore, the commission will only rest when all these products are removed from the market and consumers get their refunds. Our inspectors are monitoring the recall based on the Recall Guidelines,” Mabuza said.

The following canned products form part of the recall:

Product DescriptionWeightBarcode
KOO Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce410g‪6009522300586‬ 
KOO Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce Sauce-Lite410g‪6009522306571‬ 
Hugo’s Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce410g‪6009522305536‬ 
KOO Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 4 pack (New)4x 410g‪6009522307653‬ 
Koo Butter Beans in Brine410g‪6001024023543‬ 
KOO Butter Beans in Tangy Curry Sauce410g‪6001024000469‬ 
KOO Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce420g‪6001024024007‬ 
KOO Baked Beans in Chilli Sauce 420g‪6001024035003‬ 
KOO Baked Beans in Tomato & Herb 410g‪6009522303006‬ 
KOO Baked Beans in Curry Sauce 410g‪6009522303020‬ 
KOO Baked Beans in Hot Chakalaka 410g‪6009522303013‬ 
KOO Baked Beans in BBQ Flavoured Sauce 410g‪6009522308117‬ 
KOO Baked Beans in Chilli Wors Flavoured Sauce 410g‪6009522308124‬ 
KOO Creamstyle Sweetcorn 415g‪6009522300562‬ 
KOO Whole Kernel in Brine 410g‪6001024386655‬ 
KOO Mixed Vegetables in Sweet and Spicy Curry Sauce 420g‪6009522300296‬ 
KOO Mixed Vegetables in Hot Curry Sauce 420g‪6009522300289‬ 
KOO Mixed Vegetables in Curry Sauce 420g‪6001024549913‬ 
KOO Mixed Vegetables in Cape Malay Curry Sauce 420g‪6009522307639‬ 
KOO Mixed Vegetables in Durban Curry Sauce 420g‪6009522307646‬ 
KOO Mixed Vegetables in Brine 410g‪6001024103184‬ 
Helderberg Fresh Garden Peas in Sweetened Brine 400g‪6009522308506‬ 
KOO Fresh Garden Peas in Brine 410g‪6001024223318‬ 
KOO Fresh Garden Peas in Brine 400g‪6009522308186‬ 
KOO Surfmaid Peas Petit Pois in Sweetened Brine 400g‪6009522308193‬ 
KOO Short Spaghetti in Flavoured Tomato Sauce 410g‪6001024383623‬ 
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