By Zizipho Ntsomi

Needs Camp Land compensation programme committee is accused of taking bribes and shuffling claims. They are said to put certain people on phase one, while they claimed later than others. Some claimed but never stayed at the area that they are claiming for.

The Committee was given too much liberties by the Land Compensation offices. They were the ones that had to confirm or deny that a particular person indeed stayed at the area. The community accuses them of corruption, biasness and fraud because they push certain people to the front of receiving their fund while they claimed late.

This problem was as a result of people who delayed the process by submitting their documents later. The late applicants were then told they would be on the second segment, while the ones who applied earlier would be on the first. Segment two applicants wanted their claims to be pushed forward. They are said to have paid bribes to be on segment one.

Datili Ntsomi was number fifteen on the line, meaning he was supposed to be on segment one. He did not get his claim at the stipulated time, he only received his share on May 2020 while he should have got it in 2018. He had an altercation with one of the committee members, thus he believes his claim took long. “The land compensation committee says that the delay of claims is not the problem of the committee, it is the land claim offices that delay the process” said by Ntombikhona Mbadu.

The committee claims to not be part of the financial department of Land Affairs. They defend themselves by saying the only thing they do is to confirm or deny that a particular person indeed stayed at the area. They have also denied taking bribes from applicants.

The process would be easy if there was no middle man. People should apply for the funds themselves. When claiming they should bring a person who can confirm that they indeed stayed at the area they are claiming for. Also online claiming would be easy. People would upload their documents with an affidavit that would put them under oath, so they don’t do fraud.

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