By Nombongo Nxele

Pieter Plaajies, 34, a local filmmaker from Bedford in the Eastern Cape is living his dream.  

The local filmmaker’s journey began when he wanted to play cricket for the national cricket team. After his cricket dream came to a sudden end, he knew he had to take another path and that is when his writing journey began.

Plaaijies passion for writing started when he saw something happening or when he felt a bit emotional, that is when the local filmmaker realized that he needed to publish and produce his stories to showcase his talent to the people.

Plaajies works at his production company named Picture Tree Productions and the production house has produced a series titled -The DAM. The series was filmed in Bedford, Adelaide and surrounding farms.

The local filmmaker mentioned that there were a few challenges being an Afrikaans speaking individual and had to learn how to write in English which was not his choice in writing stories.

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