Ntinga O.R. Tambo Development Agency in partnership with Ingquza Hill Local Municipality successfully handed over Implements and production inputs to Ingquza Hill Woolgrowers on June 17 at Ingquza Hill Local Municipality. This initiative Ntinga was supporting the local municipality which provided funding to assist local farmers and improve wool production.

Flagstaff Wool Growers and White Diamond Cooperative benefited in this program. These key stakeholders received different items that are key for development in the district such as wool pressers, sorting table as well as seedlings to improve wool production and food production.

The initiative fits in well with the district wide wool improvement program funded by the District Municipality and Ntinga as the implementing Agency. Local farmers across the district are encouraged to venture into wool production. There is an ongoing O.R. Tambo District Municipality funded Rams Exchange Program which aims to assist local farmers and improve wool production. This great program also aims to ensure genetic improvement and to provide wool sheep to communal areas.  Wool production plays a central role in the local economy as job opportunities are being created during sheep shearing season.

This is also part of supporting provincial government intervention of proving shearing sheds throughout the province. Essential equipment is necessary in shearing sheds to ensure local farmers work in clean environment, receive high income, wool classing improve, and clean wool is obtained.

The main objective of this program is to improve both the quality and quantity of wool produced in the O.R. Tambo District. Shearing sheds in rural communities assist to ignite the spirit of working together among local farmers for the benefit of the entire District.

It is the interest of the entity working close with all the municipalities in the O.R. Tambo District to meet the farmers aspirations and needs by adding value to the wool and meat produced by constantly providing support and making tireless efforts for the betterment of the district.

Local farmers are encouraged to take good care of these instruments even in testing times of protests.

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