Impumelelo Educational Trust commemorates Youth Day

By Lukhangele Mayende

This year marks 45 years since the Soweto Uprising by students in 1976 where they clashed with police fighting for the scraping of the then educational system called Bantu education.

Impumelelo Educational Trust has decided to spice things up this year all in efforts of salute to the youth of 1976. Established in 2012 by Sipho Dibakwane the founder. The trust is known for its significant concern with the development of the youth and social fibre of South African disadvantaged communities.

As part of reaching out to everyone and commemorating the June 16th 1976, the Trust this year has decided to host its fifth youth summit that will see young people of Mpumalanga participating in numerous activities planned for the day such as public speaking contest, writing and presenting assays and talk about the youth’s participation in South African politics.

Dibakwane shares with us the significance of this day to them.

“We as an organisation have seen that there have been rather celebrations of June 16 as opposed to a commemoration of Jun 16, so we have noted that around the country there are festivals of drinking and doing all sorts of things. Ours is different because we bring the youth to share information with them about what the day was and have them participating in activities” said Dibakwane.

As one of the main objectives of Impumelelo Educational Trust is to provide support to students, the Trust has made sure it doesn’t shift its focus on this year’s summit. “We are also having a lady called Dorin Mashirho to present a topic on depression, just to indicate the strategies to use in averting depression because most people see depression as a white people’s disease and as a result when it comes to us blacks, we don’t have strategies on how to deal with it. Also there’ll be a rehabilitation centre to teach our youth about drugs and alcohol abuse” articulated Dibakwane.

In an effort to inculcate the issue of team spirit and taking care of one another, the Trust implemented the bring and share technique where volunteers brought free lunch to cater everyone attending the event.


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