High electricity rates engulfs Dimbaza community

By Lukhangele Mayende

The issue of being overcharged for electricity bill and paying enormous money for municipality to dig a grave for your loved one has become a threat to the community of Dimbaza.

Few weeks ago one of the concerned community members posted on the Dimbaza Facebook page, complaining about these two issues saying their municipality is not being fair to them.

Apparently when you buy electricity, there is 40% deduction that you automatically pay that is said is for rates. This means if you buy your electricity for R120 you are buying 51.2 units and if you buy for R10 you only get 3 units.

One of the concerned community members in Dimbaza Lutho Nkonyakazi, says this has been going on for a well of three years in her house.

“Here at home it’s been years the situation has been like this. I can’t even remember when was the last time we got free electricity like most people or get it on a discount. I went to the municipal’s office last Friday to get a clear understanding on what’s happening, they told me all this started because of COVID19 but I told them that in my house this has been happening for years we’ve been paying extra to cover-up the 40% they deduct then they said they don’t know, who should know then” said the community member.

At their last meeting community members in Dimbaza suggested that they do a petition to reduce the high pricing of electricity, and that the municipality stops digging graves for the deceased as this also this affects their budget.

This means that communities will be responsible for digging the graves for their loved ones, just like it’s done in rural areas, but that petition is yet to be proposed to the municipality.

Attempts to get the municipality to respond to these allegations were not successful as they kept promising to respond to date.  

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