A mother sells her daughter for sex

By Lukhangele Mayende

The Khula Community Development Project that is known for fighting for children and women’s rights in the Eastern Cape, on June 7 marched to the Keiskammahoek Magistrate court with the intention of putting pressure on a court of law not to grant bail to three 3 defendants.

This is after a 42-year-old South African mother along with two men from Bangladesh one 35years old and another one aged 37 were charged with sexual harassment on the 26th May this year.

Reports say the mother had sold her 13-year-old daughter who lives with Down Syndrome to these two men, and her 16-year-old niece to her husband.

The mother would often take her daughter to bed so that when the men had finished having sex they would pay her to buy alcohol and drugs.

Petros Majola heads Khula Community Development Project said

“We want to make an example with this three some, we want the judge to know that if they get bail the community will take the law on to their hands and we all know what that means and we don’t want that to happen”.

“We thank the Department of Social Development for providing emotional support and comfort to the victims, extending a hand to the Hawks team for quickly responding to the arrest these criminals. It’s difficult in South Africa because it’s now sex-sex-sex, yhuuu” said Majola.

The mother is the mother of the 13-year-old girl and she is the mastermind behind the business of the children, including her own. The two Bangladeshi men by birth were consumers, and all three of them were denied bail in fear of their safety.

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