Makhanda Eastcape Midlands TVET students await feedback on NSFAS

The Makhanda Eastcape Midlands TVET students who were evicted last week Thursday are returning to campus today with all their belongings and nowhere to stay.

The students received messages from NSFAS before they started the academic year saying they had been approved. But they never received their allowances because EastCape Midlands has not confirmed their registrations, even though it is now June and they are enrolled and writing exams.

After they were evicted by landlords for failing to pay rent since January, the students arrived on campus with nowhere to go and the college called the police to remove them. The Unemployed Peoples Movement organised emergency accommodation for all 45 students for four nights but had to raise funds from the citizens of Makhanda and other donors to pay for this.

The community also donated food to the students. The UPM has no funding of its own. Hence the students have moved back to the campus today and will stay there until the college confirms their registrations with NSFAS so they can receive the allowances they should have been getting from February.

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