NTU News 1Year Anniversary

By Irshaad Gangat

“NTU News unites Africans by telling their stories on our heritage page and using NTU as an archive of African untold stories and history throughout Africa” said NTU News publisher Babsi Mcinga.

A year ago the Eastern Cape welcomed a new game changer, NTU News publication. Mcinga said she was inspired by her brother Christopher Mcinga who identified the gap in the local market and she then proposed the concept to her business partner, the award winning a South African film and television actor, producer, theatre narrator, creative director, educator, and master of ceremonies, Luthuli Dlamini.

Dlamini has given back to the youth of South Africa working on several projects by sharing his wisdom and empowering the youth nationally.

Xabiso Ngabase, head writer and producer at Monywood, said “Luthuli is the first professional in the film industry to have coached me on how to write riveting films. We first met in 2019 and since then my writing has improved because of him. I even bought a writing software, Final Draft, because he advised that if I want to be a professional writer I should start using software’s used by professionals.” Ngabase added that “He has featured, as an actor, in one of our Montywood productions and our way of making films has since improved significantly.”

Dlamini and Mcinga are a powerhouse duo who managed to introduce the new publication to the Eastern Cape region on May ‪29 2020‬. Nolubabalo Babsi Mcinga is a local business woman, publisher of NTU News, an entrepreneurial business development practitioner, a philanthropist, an author, a role model to woman in business, a film maker, product placement specialist, and TWOW South Africa Head.

“He grooms upcoming production companies from the development stage of a film, production until the end” said Mcinga.

Mcinga met Luthuli, during her recruitment jobs in film production, where she recruited extras for productions. There was an instant connection and they both decided to join forces.

NTU News was born during a rocky lockdown while operating remotely but with a goal in mind to give people hope and provide information to rural areas, townships and unprivileged areas also assisting small to medium enterprises (SMEs) reconnect with their customers so they do not lose them during and after the pandemic.

“My responsibility was to coordinate the paper and develop it. We conceived and gave birth to NTU News. Now we are trying to raise this child under difficult circumstances. But there are investment offers we are discussing at present and we hope to take NTU News across Africa,” said Mcinga.

NTU News thanks our readers for their support. We distribute 20 000 copies bi-monthly in the Amathole, Chris Hani, OR Tambo and part of Alfred Ndzo Mount Frere areas, at spaza shops, taxi ranks, villages, some government offices, private offices , retail stores and fuel stations. We are available on Facebook as well as www.ntunews.co.za

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