The beautiful voices from the Vees

By Silindokuhle Booi

Avuyisiwe Mapitiza and Avuyisiwe Mafutha are two growing artists who bonded because of their passion for singing. The two met in College as they both had discovered their love for music. It is with great coincidence but a blessing that these two young stars share a name

“I always wanted to do music since I was a child and I knew I could sing from a very young age, in High shool I participated in school choirs and othe singing activities that were held. I went to college and I Met Avuyisiwe ‘Vee Inkosazana’ Mafutha and we had a lot in common and we figured we could do music together as she could also sing and play a guitar.” said the Mdantsane raised singer, Avuyisiwe Prince Vee Mapitiza

“Growing up in the rural areas we face challenges, our dreams might never be fulfilled because of different reasons and I decided I will be different from that perspective and my success will be proof that dreams can be fulfilled .

I started music because I am an introvert and I use music as my way to pour my heart out without being judged by anyone. In 2020 I did a poem about Msaki who is my role model as my producer said I should record it. I have not put it on digital platforms but as soon as I do I’ll send it. The last song we released, African Soul Sisters was inspired by the fact that I see myself in that level in a few years and I wanted these artists to feel appreciated so I wrote the song and combined their songs to one”, said the Ngqeleni born and raised singer, Avuyisiwe Mafutha 

The two singers have only been able to do two Singles, their first song being ‘yearning for you’ and the second one being ’African Soul Sisters’, they believe that their inspiration for singing is by iimvumi zalapha eSouth Africa with their African songs which they tend to trigger the remembrance of who we are and our roots.

You can stream Yearning for you on this link and African soul sister on this one and here

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