Celebration of the Arts to awaken EL

By Silindokuhle Booi 

East London Art lovers we bring you the annual Zingce Arts Festival as it was designed to enable creators and lovers of Arts to come together, as to commemorate and celebrate our heritage and culture. The festival will be launched on Saturday May 29 during Africa Month in Quigney at The Buffalo Club. 

“Zingce Arts Festival is platform that allows Art Creators and Lovers to come together and celebrate our Heritage and Culture, through Arts. 

The platform also enables aspiring Artists to introduce their work to the mainstream market, as participate in our economy.  So in attending, people will be supporting an initiative which not only allows them to celebrate and learn more about their heritage and crafts, but also support those who create the work; especially given the recent challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic” said the festivals sponsorship manager, Nombuyiselo Mhlati.

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