Off duty police officer arrests four abalone poachers

EASTERN CAPE – Around midday Tuesday 25 May 2021, off duty police officer based at a unit in Port Alfred received information about possible abalone poachers in the Kasouga area. The Officer who was on rest days immediately responded and proceeded to Kasouga beach where he conducted a foot patrol. He noticed tracks going from the sea towards the dunes which he followed. The tracks led him into the dense sea bush where he found five males sitting around a camp fire. He also noticed diving suits hanging in the trees which confirmed the information that he received. He arrested 4 of the five suspects.

A total of 68 Abalone shells were found in five abalone bags was seized, together with chucking tools. He also found one live R5 assault rifle round in one of the diving bags.

The suspects were arrested on the following charges, Contravening Marine Living Resources for Possession of abalone, as well as Possession of ammunition without a license. The suspects all males from East London aged between 22 and 32 will appear in the Port Alfred Magistrate later this week. The value of the abalone is approximately R13000.00

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