The General Youth Choir CD launch: Elogazi

By Monique Lewis

The General Youth Choir is a choir based in Queenstown under the direction of Thulani Ndabeni. The choir began singing in 2008, when it all began with them singing in the church many of the members were not from the same church but they sang together, that’s when they decided to make it a local choir where everybody and anybody in Queenstown can join.

The choir started out by singing amachotoza and gospel songs in church and later in 2008 they went on to singing their own genre which is clap and tap. Ndabeni said, “We started singing clap and tap as we saw that this genre would be the one to make us grow as a choir”. The general youth choir launched their first CD on the May 9 titled Elogazi.  

The clap and tap experience competition started in 2017 by Mbulelo Dayimani He started the competition to identify local choirs that do not have any funding or support. The idea of the competition was to create battles between choirs and the winning choir would be able to buy uniforms for their respective choir.

The competition then later gained respect and they got funding from respective funders who were able fund for record deals. They have recorded three choirs the General Youth Choir being the third group. The choir won The Clap and Tap experience competition back in 2018, due to Covid-19 they were not able to record their CD. The competition is organised by Young Team Hearts Movement agency which deals with arts and entertainment in schools, communities and the province.

Ndabeni adds, “If there are any people who would love to donate money or in any way they would appreciate it as the choir still needs transportation, catering as well as those who are in the music industry who can help in build our choir”.

For more information on how to join the choir based at Unifound near Lizoncana clinic or to purchase their new ablum you can contact Lukhaniyso Nculu on 084 426 7366.

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