New kid on the block

By Mbulelo Sisulu

South Africa is going to host local government elections in October this year. Some people are happy with their political parties. But other people are not happy with their political parties they were voting for.

National or local government elections are around the corner there are people who have decided to establish a new political party. This happened in Graaff-Reinet under Dr Beyers Naude Local Municipality where the people of this area have been complaining about bad service delivery. Their complaints have gone unheard for long time. 

Residents of Graaff-Reinet established their own party which will take part in the local government elections. The name of the party is call Service Delivery Movement (SDM). SDM do not view themselves as a political party because they do not subscribe to a political ideology.  They have an interim structure for IEC registration purposes comprising of their chairperson, Vuyisa  Jantjies, treasurer Amos Mcinga and secretary Vuyokazi Bitterhout.

Mcinga said their aim is to attend to the community of Dr Beyers Naude Local Municipality (DBNLM) uninterrupted basic services in an efficient manner. 

“The organisation was formed by the community of DBNLM after numerous attempts to get basic services. The community moved from the complaining phase to a movement that will contest LGE2021. We recently held a public meeting to discuss 1. Refuse Removal 2. Water Crisis 3. Cleaning of streets.  The public is fully behind the movement,” he said.

SDM will contest LGE2021 in all DBNLM wards (12). The organization wants to bring change in the local municipality. The immediate change is delivery of services to all residents irrespective of class. Mcinga made it clear that those who stay in the towns receive better service than the townships.

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