Confiscated Identity poems by Luleka Mhlanzi out now

By Nombongo Nxele

Luleka Mhlanzi is a South African published and performing poet, actress, creative writer and a youth facilitator who is currently based in Pietermaritzburg. She is an agent of change for South Africa where she has begun exercising such in various youth change programs such as; Gold Peer Education, Enke Youth Forum, PACSA, Activate Change Drivers and currently a youth programmes facilitator at Heartnet where she also curates poetry sessions. 

Mhlanzi has recently established a project called Beauty Revised after that responds to a stereotype of beauty standards set by society, growing up she was bullied about her dark skin colour and was deemed ugly thereof. The project seeks a return of confidence to little girls and women excluded by society. 

Mhlanzi said, “Confiscated Identity I believe to be the unsaid thoughts that our minds go through basically. These thoughts usually entail our truest emotions. In the poems that I have compiled I break down a life of a young, black woman living in South Africa and that of a mere human who has had a human experience in this life and time. I break down the philosophy of the phenomenon of gender roles and their impact both positively and negatively in relationships. The mental and emotional effect of cause and effect”. 

Mhlanzi added that she is currently taking pre-orders at a special of R150, as of May 31 the book will cost R170. To order you can contact Luleka Mhlazi on her email or you can make contact with her on social media:   Facebook: @MhlanziLuleka.  Or on Instagram : @lulekamhlanzi.

Confiscated Identity book scheduled to be released on May 31. 

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