The VW Convoy phantsi kwelitye lika Somgxada

By Silindokuhle Booi

VW drivers decided to take a different route when celebrating freedom day this year as they hosted their Convoy in Alice on April 27.

The Convoy club initially from Mdanstane was brought to you by the MDASBEE VW Club with the slogan BRINGING CHANGE TOGETHER. The club’s mission is to change people’s lives , Fight Gender Based Violence (GBV) and to stop the bad reputation that polo drivers are facing.

“We formed our club to dominate the bad reputation of vw drivers have in particular polo. We want to change the behavior and drive carefully. We have rules in the club those being, Your car must clean, road worthy and we promote a way to respect our cars, we also help out in families that are not able to provide for themselves for instance last week we visited the Mbuyiswa family in Nxarhuni where the father of that family was stabbed and had to do operations that failed 5 times resulting to him being unable to work, his wife was also later dismissed from work because she was taking care of her husband so they didn’t have any kind of support. We have tried to help out where we could and would also like other people to also provide a hand where they can, be it medical or social grant help. That is not only what we have done we have helped with the Gender Base Violence (GBV) when a little girl from Mdantsane was raped and killed, we organized a memorial service for her. We are here in Alice to do a road awareness and motivating people to drive carefully and safely. We also want to promote and support our local business. On 16 June we will have a Sport Tournament in Mdantsane that will include rugby, soccer, netball and boxing, ” said the club’s spokesperson, Khulekile Mlandu

During the Convoy local brands were supported such as G spot, UFH Dandies focusing on expressing yourself through your dress code and putting an end to suicides and boosting people’s confidence, and Camagu mntu omnyama influenced by Xhosa roots.

Information and details about the tournament that will take place on June 16 is yet to be released. If you wish to help or know any family that might be facing problems you can contact Khulekile Mlandu on 073 443 3080 for assistance.

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