Dimbaza Rugby Foundation a Support Structure to Young Players

By Nombongo Nxele

The main aim of establishing the Dimbaza Rugby Foundation is to provide a support structure and a place of refuge for young boys who are going through life challenges that life throws at them such as crime, drugs and alcohol abuse.

Iinkunzi means “bull” is a very important animal to Xhosa custom as it is a connection between the physical world and spiritual world and therefore is the name Santos Nkothobe and his partner Siviwe Mpondo chose for the team as it resonates with isiXhosa culture and customs.

There are four rugby teams in the age groups U9, U13, U16 and U19 affiliated with the Dimbaza Rugby League which accommodates 18 teams including the ones named above. The Iinkinzi play an official fixture on weekends at the Dimbaza Stadium.

Nkothobe said, “As part of our tradition or a way of encouragement we select boys who are focused at school, boys who do their duties at home and who are also well disciplined on or off the field. We usually organize a tour to Pretoria and play with teams which are based there, the young boys also get an opportunity to meet professional rugby players.”

Nkothobe further explained that their mission is to motivate maximum participation between parents and the youth in order to ensure community elevation through sports, education, arts and culture and various other activities. The vision is to see communities playing a vital role in the upbringing of the youth through organizing and maintaining wellness programmes, sport and other educational activities in the Dimbaza region.

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