World Book Day Celebrated

By Caitlin Bantom

This year, World Book Day was celebrated worldwide on March 4. World book day was initially created on April 23 in 1995 by UNECSCO. World Book Day is a charity that celebrates reading and books all across the globe. The World Book Day website, said on its website that its mission is to ‘promote reading for pleasure, offering every child and young person the opportunity to have a book of their own.’

NTU News took to the streets to ask a few book lovers about their Story Time and to get their opinion on World Book Day.

Sasha Nel, 31.
“I prefer paperback books and I access it at the library or I purchase it from bookstores. I read three (3) times a week and the book that I am currently reading is ttled ‘Honeymoon’ by James Paterson. I would say my favourite book is another James Paterson novel ttled ‘4th of July’. The story genres I love are mystery, thriller and romance. I think World Book Day is the biggest celebraton of its kind. The aim of World Book Day is to celebrate authors, books and of course, reading.In modern tmes, world book day could also encourage the youth to learn to love reading.”
Chantel Meinie, 42.
“I prefer paperback books and I access my books at the library and exchanges amongst friends. I read on a daily and the book I am reading right now is called ‘Heritage of Lancaster County’. My favourite book is titled ‘Turbulent Sea’. The story genre that I enjoy is paranormal and stories about vampires, werewolves and shapeshifers. World Book Day is an important traditon to be contnued and a legacy to grow. In Modern tmes, Modern people hardly read and don’t create a culture of reading, resultng in the importance of books dying out.”
Thandile Tundzi, 22.
“I would say I prefer paperback books. At the moment I have an app that you can get to read some books from and it’s really easy to use. I haven’t read a book this year but when I do get a book to read, I never want to stop. The last book I read was about self-care, not only physically but also in mind and soul. My favourite book is titled ‘The Golden Locket’. I honestly love all kinds of genres but, I have read a lot of the Romance genre. World Book Day is a good way to remind and suggest to people to read. Reading is a very good way to spend tme with yourself and not feel bored or lonely. I think World Book day is cool.”
Melisa Solomon, 30.
“I prefer paperback books, I tried eBooks but it was too much of an effort. I love visitng the library to access books and it brings happy memories as my mom introduced me to the library and ofen took me to get books. I try to read as ofen as I can and I recently had a baby, so I have to share all my tme as I have to read to them [my children] too. I am currently reading ‘Girl Wash Your Face’ by Rachel Hollis and my favourite book is ‘One Way Love’ by Tullian Tchividjian. I love non-fctonal, inspiratonal and educatonal books. World Book Day is very important. It aims at celebratng your happy place in reading and creatng awareness at the same tme. Everyone should learn how to read and make it fun because reading is everywhere.”
Driena Bantom, 41.
”I prefer paperback books and I access it by borrowing from friends and from my daughter.I read when I have spare tme to relax.The book that I am currently reading is one that I got from my daughter titled ‘Act like a Lady and Think like a Man’by Steve Harvey.My favourite book is called ‘The power of prayer’ by Stormie Omartan.I love reading motvatonal and spiritual books.I think that World Book Day is a great initatve in terms of introducing children from underprivileged backgrounds to the world of books and reading and giving them an escape from certain circumstances they face at home.Reading books is a pleasurable escape for both kids and adults.”
Nococeko Mgilane, 54.
“I prefer paperback books and I always buy them from Bargain Books and Cum Books. I read every week and the book that I am currently ready is ttled ‘Rich dad, poor dad’. My favourite book is ttled ‘The power of a praying woman’. I love motvatonal books. World Book Day is an excellent idea of familiarizing people with reading.”


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