Herdsman allegedly rapes 4 year old

By Mbulelo Sisulu

Villagers are still shocked after a herdsman allegedly raped  a four year old girl at Tildin Village, in Peddie on April 18. The girl lives with her grandmother.

On April 18 the grandmother and her grandchild attended a church service.

During the church service the herdsman left the service while children were playing outside the house the where the church service was being held.

After the church service the childs grandmother went outside to fetch her but the child could not be found.

The children said the girl child was taken by the herdsman and they went towards the bushes. Villagers went to find the herdsman and the girl. While the villiagers were approaching the the bushes they saw the herdsman with the girl child on their way back to the church.

Social worker, Akhona Nguta told Ntu News that he was informed about this matter by his senior manager.

“I went there and interviewed some villagers about this matter. The villagers told me that the herdman struggled this child and clap her while he was trying to rape her. After interviews I took a child to Thuthuzela at Grey Hospital. The doctors have made blood test to this child. The results will be available on the 6 May 2021. These results are the ones to determine that the child was raped or not,” Nguta said.

The herdsman has been arrested and is yet to appear in court.

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