FNB WSU vs FNB UFH: the All Blacks beat the Blues in the 3rd round.

By Silindokuhle Booi

The FNB varsity rugby sheild is a well known tournament where, almost all provinces take part to show their undying love for rugby. 

The well known East London rugby team the WSU All Blacks from University of Walter Sisulu continue to make East London proud as they participate in the Varsity shield again this year after the pandemic denying them a chance of going to the semi finals in 2020.

The WSU All Blacks performs the New Zealand rugby team Haka as their way of gaining strength before each and every match. 

Their match against the FNB University of Fort Hare (UFH) was a beautiful game to watch as the All Blacks took the lead finishing the first half by 25-0 in their third round of the shield. The team have won both the previous matches, however the FNB UFH did not throw away its fighting strength proving that soliders really die in the battle feild, and continued to play bravely.

The match ended with the full time score of 46-12 with Miyelani ‘Itoje’ Ngobeni from the All Blacks being named the player that rocks.  Abantwana bomgquba did it again!

The winning Captain of the WSU All Blacks Litha Nkula could not be reached for comment.

Matches are a broadcast live broadcast on Supersport and you can view the upcoming fixtures on the website


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