Local Author Pours his heart out on GBV

By Silindokuhle Booi

He was in so much pain and the only way he could pour his heart out was by writing a book. The title of the book ‘NAKHANE’ is inspired by Gender Based Violence (GBV) and felt like he owed it to his sister who was a victim of GBV.  NAKHANE means to build each other and it is Abongile Ngqoleka’s way of saying he has finally accepted the death of his late sister and saying RIP to all the souls we have lost to GBV.

The author, Abongile Ngqoleka was born in Johannesburg. In 2006 he relocated to the Eastern Cape to live with his grandmother when she became ill but unfortunately died followed by his mother the following year, having lost his mother at the age of 8. He ended up staying with different relatives. Due to personal matters he and his younger brother were forced to live in an orphanage in Mount Frere called Siyakhana.

He tragically lost his older sister who was strangled to death by her boyfriend in 2016. He struggled a lot getting into varsity which lead him to being a hard worker so that he could support his younger brother. He later formed a campaign where he donated clothes and food parcels in and around the Mount Frere region.

Ngqoleka’s book titled ‘Nakhane’ is set to launch in May. He can be reached on Facebook @Abongile Ngqoleka.

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