Flamboyant Designer launches New Line: Liduduma Lidlule

By Irshaad Gangat

Tase Jack hails from Dimbaza in the Eastern Cape and is currently based in East London.

“My career began when I was a young boy who would use to play with dolls. My Granny would not buy me dolls then I would create my own and her clothes and that’s how I fell in love with creating clothes,” said Jack.

Jack chose fashion as his career because of his abilities to create something out of nothing. Jack believes that “clothing in general will forever be relevant coz they are a need so to me as a creative it’s an advantage to be in the fashion industry because I will forever have a market because I’m creating a need.”

His inspiration for his new line comes from him healing after he was attacked at the initiation school and nearly lost my life because of my sexuality. “Then I decided to create a range call Liduduma Lidlule meaning the pain and hurt is over now.”

Jack adds that he mass produces and is available on the following social media platforms:

Facebook: Tase Matshawe Jack

Instagram: @diehardby_Tasejack

Designer: Tase Matshawe Jack

Photographer: Gcobani Feni

Models: Malusi MellDivò Garishe, Savuka Jude Stone

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