By Irshaad Gangat

The Eastern Cape Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT) has established a Business Support Centre (BSC) to give businesses access to reliable and latest information on a wide range of COVID-19 relief programmes and interventions. These programmes and interventions include resources about funding, financial relief, or general support to assist businesses during this challenging period. Applications can be channelled via the Business Support portal, to log a support request or call 087 255 5310 for assistance.

The support service covers businesses in the Eastern Cape Province in all sectors including those that were previously not covered by the Manufacturing Support Centre (MSC) which targeted manufacturing and agro-processing sectors.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak and the devastating impact it has had on the economy, the Province following the national government’s lead had to act and as such it established a Disaster Response Committee to develop, support and monitor interventions to mitigate the challenges. As part of the intervention process, the Eastern Cape Provincial Government has established workstreams to support businesses to navigate through this difficult period and set the economic recovery process in motion.

This can be achieved by creating new investment opportunities through the upcoming investment conference, stimulating job creation and encouraging job retention. The Department continuously seeks to create an enabling environment for businesses to build and grow a vibrant and resilient local economy. The EC DEDEAT continues to strive towards a transformed, diversified and inclusive economy.

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