By Asavela Mbali

The author of the book title ‘When I said I do’ is Colleen Mapatwana.

When I said I do is about the power of praying and believing in God, he protects and he provides especially in marriage, no marriage does not have problems but if the couple prays to the Lord, provides. We see how people working for the devil himself trying to break up the couple, mothers who are willing to extra miles fighting and trying their daughters to come between the pastor and his wife.

What I liked more about the book is that it’s not common for families that are following the word of God to follow African traditions for example, paying Lobola for the bride, a friend of mine who goes at Uloyiso Church in East London never paid Lobola for her bride, they got married by the Church only. I am very proud of my traditions, so when I read the book, I saw that they followed African Traditions I liked it.

What I also like about the book is the author mentions the hardships of marriages. Trends show that although the total number of divorces had been decreasing from 2009-2011, they were, however, followed by constant increase in the years 2012-2017.

Married couples nowadays don’t last, my sisters’ friend he got married December 2017 and got divorced November 2018. To me this shows that people don’t get married out of love. Ephesians 4:2-3 “With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love. Eager to maintain the unity of the spirit in the bond peace.” In the book when Nontle wanted out of the marriage with the Pastor but she remembered her vows she took, she membered how much she loves the pastor and she prayed, and things worked out. I believe marriage is about love, trust, honesty and most importantly is sacred.

Some of Females who get married turn their back on their family and help their husbands’ family with everything. Nontle’s fear was getting married and turning her back to her family, before Nonle agreed to the pastor’s proposal she told him that she wants to continue supporting her family and he agreed, I liked that, to me this meant that there is communication and understanding, when there is communication and understanding between the couple there will no need for one to keep secrets from each other.

The reason for recommending the book is because everything that is happening in the book reflects what is happening in our daily lives, or we have witness it happening to someone close to us or heard it. It is something that is not unusual for example, when I read the part where Pastor Dyantyi was trying to convince Simphiwe to join them, he told him that he told him that his sacrifice would be sleeping with a virgin a month and he will get rich he just needs to go to Kenya to preform satanic rituals…, last year social media was blasting with the news of the author Jackie Phamatso who published books exposing Businessmen, Pastors, Politicians who go to African countries to perform satanic rituals so that they can grow their business…, I remember she interviewed one of the pastors who is no longer part of the cult he mentioned one of the sacrifices he took was to sleep with young girls in the church, I have always wondered the rate of rape in churches after I got my answer after I saw the interviews.

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