Watercarts A Saving Grace For Automotive Company

By Yonela Winayi

The corona virus pandemic proved to be quite the stumbling block for most businesses and has had negative effects such as the retrenchment of thousands of workers. It has been no different for Brent’s Automotive Services. Brent’s Automotive Services is a mechanical, auto electrical, bodyworks diagnostics and towing Services Company that is situated in Voortreker road just outside Arnoldton.

Brent Steensma who runs the company said the foundation of his business is built on 23 years of experience in the automotive industry similar are his employees who alike share years of experience in different mechanical backgrounds.

His employees are like family sadly due to the pandemic he has had to let go of half of his work force. He adds that during the December holidays he usually accepts engineering students that seek on the job training, however, the past year was different to previous years.

Truck diagnostics and repairs are at the core of their services and that has been how they have been kept from closing their doors. The saving grace from the pandemic was the need for water and sanitation in water scarce villages in the Eastern Cape. The need for water to be transported out to outskirts created the need for watercart maintenance, which Brent Automotive Services specializes in.

Brent’s name is a well trusted one in his industry and that has been what keeps his doors from shutting. He is hopeful that tides will take a turn for the better with the vaccination on its way.

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