Amahlathi appoints a new member of the council

By Zizi Ndayi

Xongwana Busisa the convener of the ANCYL in Amahlathi sub- region has been deployed to fill the vacancy in the Amahlathi local municipal council.

Xongwana’s immediate goals towards the council is to contribute in the strategic development of the municipality which is mainly addressing the plight of the people. He said, “As a person, central to my contribution in the council will be to strengthen the operations of the municipal administration by making sure that our spending of the public funds is within the prescribed municipal prescripts for it must be all our desire to build a capable local government. Xongwana will also contribute to a united, safe and responsible municipality.”

As much as young people are overlooked when it comes to deployment in government positions, Busisa is one of the young people who have proven to be fit for such positions, he said “I think my deployment is an indication that the ANC is starting to take it’s young people seriously and re affirms the general conviction amongst our members that deployment should be approached taking into consideration the role of young people in our communities.’’

Xongwana said the ANC has once again proven to the world that it values the contribution of the youth of this country by deploying leaders of the African National Congress Youth League. Xongwana has served in many structures of the young people such as the African National Congress Youth League, South Africa Youth League in the AmaThole district and including those that are community based such as ward committees. All those structures helped him to understand the needs of the young people and people in general. He adds, “It has further assisted me to understand what service delivery means to our people, therefore Xongwana believes that his deployment to the council will speed up the service delivery while laying the foundation for the future and add to the already diverse council of the AmaHlathi in the pursuit of the mission of the ANC, the creation of a non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous society.

 The ANCYL has long made a call for 40 percent youth in all government structures. He further said, “It is not new it’s something that has been there which I think the ANC has made quite a lot of progress in particular here in AmaThole Region because there are lot of young people who are in council, this will yield results as we will now see youth development being fast tracked in our communities.”


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